Private Equity

We advise private equity investors on transactions in supply-chain intensive segments. Smart and efficient investment decisions require both industry expertise and an outside perspective. We quickly and accurately equip private equity executives with the right information, providing both proven experience and accumulated intellectual capabilities unique to logistics segments.

M&A Due Diligence: We serve private equity firms by making “an outsider become insider.” As industry experts, we efficiently leverage and impart our intellectual capital to define the most important issues for private equity executives. We provide private equity professionals with necessary tools to gauge why value is or is not created and to assess the durability of value creating mechanisms. We use granular data to uncover patterns and identify cause-and-effect relationships, engaging the subtleties of private versus public company incentives where traditional finance tools fall short.  Our approach is fast, thorough, and flexible.  We have an unparalleled network in logistics-intensive industry segments and extensive experience speaking with customers, competitors, and clients. Given that private equity firms have neither the time nor equity to invest in generalist advice, we accelerate output through our unique industry expertise.

Growth Strategy:  We work with portfolio companies post-acquisition to assess growth strategy. Our unique - strategy consulting, investment banking, logistics-focused - perspective allows us to identify and develop actionable strategies that capture profitable growth.

Profitability Improvement:  We offer support to portfolio companies in outlining profit improvement objectives. Our command of the industry allows us to quickly identify opportunities for cost reduction, assess potential customers, and expand sources of business value.