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Opportunities and Challenges:

The bulk logistics transportation industry is a form of economic infrastructure due to its capital intensity, scale of  operations, and the need to outsource for many customer segments. The emergence of fracking made the U.S. a net energy exporter and despite the energy transition, fossil fuels will continue to play a critical role within energy markets. Bulk logistics will also benefit from exports of food grade shipments as the war in Ukraine disrupted global food supply. Labor shortages and risk of unionization from truck drivers and mechanics are additional challenges. Despite potential challenges, bulk logistics will continue to play a key role in energy, industrial, and food supply chains.   

Industry Sub-segments: 

  • Liquid Bulk Carriers

  • Petro-Chemicals Carriers

  • Dry Bulk Carriers

  • Transload Terminal Services

  • Bulk Material Bagging and Packaging

  • Export Operation and Terminal

  • Equipment Lessors (ISO Tank Trailers)

Previous Experience: 

  • Extensive experience on buy-side and sell-side M&A due diligence for PE PortCo 

  • In-Depth Full Potential Diagnostic of Bulk Carrier's Warehouse Operations

  • Evaluated Network Profitability and Profit Segmentation of  Large Petro-chemical Carriers

  • Provided Price Optimization Analysis for Export Business of Large Petro-chemical Carriers

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