Industrial Distribution

\We use our deep knowledge of logistics and transportation to help clients understand the opportunities and challenges in industrial distribution. In our view, industrial distribution companies are essentially logistics service providers that take inventory risk and employ a product knowledge sales force to serve customers.  However, in many industrial distribution segments the most important value triggers are logistical like route stop density in a specific service area, inventory velocity and inbound transportation economics.  In many cases, profitability in the distribution of bulk commodities hinges on the relative differences in delivery costs as the base price and procurement costs are often very similar between competitors. 

Industry Segment Coverage:

  • Aerospace

  • Building products

  • Chemicals

  • Fuel distribution

  • Food services

  • Fresh produce

  • Heavy duty trucks and trailers

  • Industrial supplies

  • Metal service centers

  • Rail equipment

  • Temperature controlled life sciences 
    and pharmaceuticals