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Opportunities and Challenges:

Airport and Ground Services experienced rapid growth over the last decade with a boom in pre-COVID air travel and  growth in air freight/packages driven by e-commerce. COVID provided a shock to airports as travel was shut down forcing airports to rethink their long term strategies. As passenger air travel demand recovers, airports must proactively re-establish pre-COVID domestic and international air service portfolio. Future investment in passenger and air cargo terminals will be necessary for many airports as well as planning for emerging air mobility technology to ensure inter-operability with airports. 

Industry Sub-segments: 

  • Airport Authorities and Aviation Departments

  • Ground and Cargo Handling Service Providers

  • FBOs

  • Fueling Services and Fuel Farm Management

  • Industrial Real Estate

  • Infrastructure Investors

Previous Experience: 

  • Multiple buy-side M&A involving air cargo and passenger handling services, FBOs, fueling services and long term airport privatization and terminal concession contracts

  • Sell-side next investor stories for PE-owned airport services companies

  • Air cargo terminal and ground handling profit segmentation and price-to-win strategy

  • Multi-airport growth strategy for airports services

    • Organic growth carrier account penetration strategy​

    • Tuck-in acquisition and joint venture strategy

  • Air passenger service development ​

    • Air service portfolio assessment and prioritization ​

    • Peer group and competitor airport performance benchmarking 

    • Economic Impact

  • Air Cargo Development​

    • Alternative air cargo gateway assessment ​

    • Air cargo service portfolio assessment and prioritization

    • Cargo and ground handling economics and concession assessment 

    • Air cargo terminal financial feasibility and investment strategy

  • Airport long term planning 

    • Air passenger and cargo demand and capacity forecasts​

    • Detailed long range design day forecasts for air passenger, air cargo, FBO and other airport specific business lines

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