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Opportunities and Challenges:

Pre-COVID growth was strong, but COVID travel restrictions grounded the fleet, delayed maintenance and caused volatility in the aviation logistics system. Supply constraints exist across the entire aviation MRO and logistics system. Emission regulations and energy transition objectives will introduce new technologies that will require advanced facilities, tooling and training to successfully integrate new aircraft and related systems. Accelerated retirement of pilots and mechanics has caused significant labor shortage and a massive training backlog. Post-COVID recovery is stressing all elements of the aviation logistics and support systems. Investments will be required to replace lost experience of  pilots and mechanics including ab initio training, simulators, classroom training and crew leasing. 

Industry Sub-segments:

  • Airframe MRO

  • P2F Freight Conversions

  • Engine and Major Rotables MRO

  • Aircraft Interiors MRO and Aftermarket

  • ULD and Accessories and Management MRO

  • Wholesale Parts Distribution

  • Logistics Services Including Warehousing and Freight Transportation

  • Pilot and Mechanic Training

  • Flight Simulators

  • Flight Dispatch Services

  • Operations Planning Software

Previous Experience:

  • Buy-side M&A P2F conversion providers, ULD MRO/ leasing and aviation logistics

  • Growth strategy for P2F conversions and aviation logistics providers

  • Growth strategy for flight training service and simulator leasing

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