Freight Transportation Infrastructure can be thought of as the nodes in a transportation network, where the domains of transportation, logistics and real estate meet.  LogCapStrat understands the opportunities and challenges infrastructure managers and investors face in improving facilities’ competitiveness vs. alternative facilities and modes of transportation.  Because we understand supply chain economics, we can help infrastructure owners identify the shippers and carriers that are best suited for their offering, and offer strategies to better position a facility to attract new customers.  In the coming years, transportation infrastructure owners and operators will need to respond to powerful trends that will effect freight flow patterns (both geographically and modally) including: energy cost swings, regulations changes and aging assets.  LogCapStrat can help navigate these developments by mapping out the relative markets, understanding their needs, and developing strategies aimed at preempting or responding to different scenarios.

Industry Segment Coverage:

  • Airports

  • Air cargo terminals

  • Port authorities

  • Container terminals

  • Automotive import/export terminals

  • Bulk commodity ports

  • Rail terminals

  • Industrial Real Estate

Engagement Experience:


Growth Strategy

  • Developed a long term strategic land use study for top 5 industrial real estate developer in the southeast

  • Executed a strategic growth study mapping out options and long term strategy for intermodal equipment services company

  • Developed airport targeting growth strategy for leading owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate


Transaction Services

  • Provided strategic due-diligence on a leading WMS operator for major private equity firm

  • Provided strategic due-diligence on largest US truck stop operator for leading global PE fund

  • Advised private equity fund on acquisition strategy of near airport real estate


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Developed strategic alternatives assessment for container depot and maintenance network