Growth Strategy

Profitable growth tops the agenda for most business leaders. The reality is, however, that for most executives there exists a significant gap between achieving short-term objectives and driving long-term corporate strategy. We work with business owners, CEOs, business unit executives and private equity firms to deliver actionable strategies – whether organic or acquisition-driven – that deliver profitable growth. Our strategy framework includes: 

Business Definition & Prioritization of Core Segments

Define the business, segment core profit streams and identify patterns of profitability among customers, services and geographies.  Assess the key customer and competitive dynamics that impact profitability.

Cost Structure Assessment

Understand how costs behave.  Dispense with arbitrary and misleading accounting conventions and focus on the actual microeconomic cost drivers.

Customer Needs

Clearly define the discrete qualities of our client’s products.  Determine why customers buy (or don’t buy) them by talking to, salespeople, competitors, current customers and past customers.

Competitive Position Assessment

Build a map of the competitive landscape by measuring relative market shares among competitors.  Identify correlations between relative market shares and returns. 

Identify gaps between our client’s and competitors’ performance in delivering on key customer needs.  Determine the root cause for those gaps and the costs of narrowing them.

Performance Gap


Implementation Plan

Synthesize analysis to create an actionable, pragmatic plan that will deliver accelerated, profitable growth immediately.