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Brian Clancy Speaks at 36th Annual FAA Aviation Forecast Conference

On February 16, 2011, Brian Clancy, Managing Director, addressed attendees at the 36th Annual US Federal Aviation Administration Forecast Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.  Mr. Clancy led a panel of industry experts including Oliver Von Tronchin, Airline Marketing Director of Airbus Americas, and Russell Tom, Regional Director of Air Cargo Marketing at Boeing, to discuss the present and future state of the air cargo industry. A robust open dialogue with conference participants – including: economists, analysts, high-level managers and directors – followed individual presentations.


Mr. Clancy addressed several strategic issues likely to impact the air cargo industry in the next decade. His topics of discussion included:

  • Impact of long-term spending in North America and Europe on global air import demand.

  • Macro trend impact on air cargo usage rate and O&D geography

  • Effect of Asia’s growth on air cargo


The FAA Aviation Forecast Conference, held annually in Washington, DC, brings together leaders from across the industry and the federal government as a forum for exchanging ideas and opinions on the current and future state of aviation. This year’s conference, entitled ‘Aviation: Meeting Future Challenges Through Innovation,’ spotlighted innovations in business, technology, and operations that would serve as catalysts in the aviation industry’s role of driving economic profitability worldwide. Bill Ayer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Airlines, delivered the keynote address.


Mr. Clancy’s presentation can be viewed here:

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