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Jim Friedel
Managing Director

Jim has expertise with all elements of the aviation and trucking value chains, including strategy development, M&A analysis and integration planning, network profitability, fleet planning, operations excellence, sales and pricing optimization, and procurement.

Jim’s 35-year career includes 17 years of strategy consulting.  Clients have included private equity firms, passenger airlines, overnight express providers, e-commerce fulfillment providers, truckload carriers, and logistics software developers.  Recent engagements include:

  • For a PE: conducted a buy-side due diligence of an intermodal provider, including analysis of network profitability, assessment of EBITDA sustainability (by separating short-term COVID benefits from durable profit improvements), and estimation of synergies with existing portfolio company, all of which led to a winning bid.

  • For an overnight express provider: developed a network strategy, including fleeting options, and simultaneously ran a procurement process with third-party carriers.  Results include improved on-time performance (delays cut by 40%), and costs cut by 10%.

  • For a trucking company: conducted a buy-side due diligence, including quick analysis of network profitability by customer and site, which uncovered that the target’s profitability was excessively concentrated.  Client terminated the pursuit and moved on to the next opportunity, which ended up being more attractive.

Jim also has 18 years of experience as an executive at US airlines, including 10 years as President of Northwest Airlines Cargo.  Jim assembled a highly-skilled team that improved operating performance, led the industry in digitization efforts, broadened the customer base, doubled the fleet of B747-200 freighters, and grew annual sales by over $300mm.

Jim’s final position at Northwest was leading the airline’s strategy team.  That team identified Delta as the best merger partner for Northwest, after analyzing network synergies, labor integration costs, implementation risks, and second-order effects of follow-on consolidations.  After the merger between Northwest and Delta was agreed, Jim and the team supported the DOJ review process and the 24 integration committees that led to the quick and effective merger of the two airlines.

Jim is a graduate of Princeton University, where he majored in Economics.

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